Universal Eco-Symbol

All-Purpose Symbol for Environmental Awareness

Southampton Intermediate School
uses 'One with the Earth' Symbol
to promote conservation and protection of the environment.

Follow the story with these three emails and pictures.

Dear Dan,
My name is Ginny Kellogg and I am an 8th grade science teacher at the Southampton Intermediate School, Southampton Long Island, New York. I teach a small group (14) students. Our focus has mostly been on global environmental issues.

When I went online, I found your 'One with the Earth' site. Today we printed out the 'One with the Earth' symbol and are making buttons for our class.

We could not help but notice the photo of a fabulous painting by Lesta Bertoia showing the symbol and a circle of rocks. Is there any chance that we can somehow get a print to frame and display in our school to serve/remind all yet act as a permanent legacy for my kids? [See it near the bottom of this page.]

They will be graduating this year and moving on to high school. It would be very special for them to leave something behind to remind others of the importance of this very serious issue.



Hi Dan
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! It's the last day before Easter break and I promised them another "button making" day. It's a good thing too, because we have more requests than buttons. We're going to try to put out at least 60 more.

I can't thank you enough for your continued support. It only helps to inspire and encourage me to pursue more with regards to my kid's desires. Sticker orders need to be placed as well, and who knows? We might even have to go for some T-shirts! Maybe they'll call themselves The Green Team.

We will be mailing you an order for eco-stickers shortly. [Request Free Eco-Stickers]

Lastly...yes! I want your symbol on my e-mails!

Thanks again,


Hi Dan~
Informed my Principal that I had sent you the photos. I also printed out the photos intending on putting up a display in my rooms for my kids. It dawned on me that copy of Lesta's oil painting was only taking up half the showcase in the foyer and realized the pictures would look great there. I also printed out the first page from your site that explains the significance of your logo as well as the idea behind it and included it as well. I even featured some of our pins.

It's all in a glass enclosure and looks awesome! First thing anyone sees when they enter our building!


Pictures of 'One with the Earth' button making project at Southampton Intermediate School in Southampton, NY.
Jackie Lamb, photographer

One with the Earth Button Making
It’s not exactly mass production, but it works!
One with the Earth Button Making #13
Tommy is celebrating…He has accomplished his quota!
One with the Earth Button Making #14
Nice work Josselyn & Lina! How many more do you have to go Jose?
One with the Earth Button Making #16
Southampton Intermediate School proudly striving to become “One with the Earth!”

Dumping Trash can be Fun and Profitable

The 'One with the Earth' [Project rents office space in the Unitarian Universalist Church in Behtlehem, PA.
I wanted to help them upgrade their recycling program. I consulted with Waste Management, our trash hauler, and the City of Bethlehem to devise the simplest way to get the most recycling done in the church. It was not easy to sort out. WM has their own rules and accepts some items. Bethlehem has a drop off center for many of the same and some other items. Devising a system that made it easy for everyone became quite complicated. Each time I called for clarification the answers changed.

To better understand what can be done, I visited both sites. What I learned allowed us to create a better and simpler system than I thought would be possible.

My son and his family live in Wellesley MA. The city's system for handling trash and recyclables is highly organized, amazingly comprehensive and simple. Everybody uses it. There is no municipal trash pick-up in Wellesley and very few people want to hire a contractor. For the city, it's a money maker. They don't charge the user but they more than cover expenses by selling the recyclables.

My grandchildren love to go and drop the trash in all the different containers. For most people, It's a fun family outing. And because people haul their own trash, they are very concsious about what they buy and how it is packaged. Too much trash and it's not fun anymore.

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Sierra Club Training Academy
Sierra Club Training Academy
Lehigh Valley Sierra Club
Sigi and Peter
Bethlehem Recycling Center
Bethlehem Recycling Center
Bethlehem Recycling Center
Wellesly, MA Recycling
Wellesly, MA Recycling - Paper Recycling
Wellesly, MA Recycling
Wellesly, MA Recycling - Refundables
Wellesly, MA Recycling - Specialty
Wellesly, MA Recycling - Yard Waste
Bethlehem Recycling Cans
Waste Management Transfer Station
Waste Management - paper sorting bin
Waste Management Transfer Station - conveyer to bailer
Waste Management Transfer Station
Waste Management Transfer Station - Comingle
Waste Management Transfer Station
Fetching Water
Multi-use River
Wellesly Recycling Center
Waste Management Recycling Coordinator