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Measure Your Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint is a measure of how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its wastes, taking into account prevailing technology.

In order to live, we consume what nature offers. Today, humanity's Ecological Footprint is over 20% larger than what the planet can regenerate. In other words, it now takes more than one year and two months for the Earth to regenerate what we use in a single year. We maintain this overdraft by liquidating the planet's natural resources. This is a vastly underestimated threat and one that is not adequately addressed.

To measure your Ecological Footprint, take the Ecological Footprint Quiz Place your cursor over map are where you live.

Alliance for Sustainable Communities -- Lehigh Valley, PA
Directory and Calendar -- Organizations Promoting Sustainable Communities

Lehigh Gap Nature Center Slatington, PA
The Lehigh Gap Nature Center is a non-profit conservation organization located in Lehigh Gap, PA, at the foot of the Kittatinny Ridge. Our mission is to preserve wildlife and habitat through conservation, education, and research for the benefit of the earth and all its inhabitants.

Amazing Environmental Web Directory

Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine

Best Environmental Directories
Selection of best internet environmental directories (list of lists), for more than 600 environmental subjects.

A short well-edited list of population links.

Facing theFuture
My favorite site to quickly learn how it all fits together. Great teacher resource.
Many of the issues our sites explore - population, the environment,
hunger, and conflict - can be depressing and even frightening.
But these problems are also opportunities to initiate change.

Population Coalition
This site is a project involving a local League of Women's Voters group in Redlands, CA. They successfully helped to get their governor to pass a World Population Awareness Week proclamation.

Jay Hanson's superb Population site- Loaded with essays.

Sustainability Education Center

Play the Sustainability Game: Come fish with us! Can you catch enough fish from Lake Cloud to support your family, while all your neighbors try to do the same?

What is the population of the world today?
Animated World Population Clock

The Heat is Online
A Compelling Video Presentaion on Climate Change.
The Heat Is Online web site is based on the book The Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis, The Cover-Up, The Prescription, by Ross Gelbspan. One feature of the site is a 10-minute streaming audio/vido presentation narrated by the author.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club's grassroots advocacy has made it America's most influential environmental organization. Founded in 1892, we are now more than 650,000 members strong. The Sierra Club has addressed population issues since the 1960s.

United Nations Population Fund
The UNFPA helps developing countries find solutions to their population problems. UNFPA began operations in 1969. It is the largest international source of population assistance.

This link will take you to a Yahoo directory of sites featuring evolution.
Yahoo Evolution Websites