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My name is Dan Poresky. In June 2003, I retired from Dan's Camera City www.danscamera.com , a business I started in 1977.

My interest in the environment was peaked by news stories appearing in late 1999. It was estimated that, at that time, global population reached six billion, having tripled in just the previous 100 years. The more I learned about the impact humans are having on the environment, the more I wondered what the world will be like for my children (two) (five) and their children. Today, in 2013, world population exceeds seven billion. 

Since then, I have devoted much of my time becoming familiar with the problems, the possible solutions One thing became clear, there would be little support for change until the general public better understood that all environmental concerns are components of one overarching problem-- human activity is depleting and degrading Earth's resources faster than nature can renew them. [More Here]

Now retired, I wondered how I could use my 40 years of business and marketing experience to ensure a livable world for future generations.

It occurred to me that every social movement needs a symbol to rally behind and there was no universal symbol that says of those who display it that they care about protecting the environment. So I went about creating one. It is called 'One with the Earth'

As a way of gaining visibility for the symbol and encouraging conservation, I give away conservation reminder stickers for use at home office and school. Find out how to obtain some for yourself [Here]

For the past few years, my attention has shifted to a more immediate problem of global proportians that must be addressed now, climate change caused by global warming due in large measure, to the burning of fossil fuels. 

I have developed a practical solution for this most daunting and critical, yet least discussed challenge in addressing climate change-- how to get policy makers to pass effective climate change legislation. Read an introduction on this website and the full proposal on Google Drive. 

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The Poresky's of Wellesley
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