Universal Eco-Symbol

All-Purpose Symbol for Environmental Awareness

"One with the Earth symbol connects all environmental concerns.

What will our lives look like once the public accepts the need to live within the Earth’s limits?

Buying from local farmers will be considered as community minded as buying Girl Scout cookies.

Earth Day, April 22, will be celebrated with as much fun and enthusiasm as Halloween.

Spreading chemicals on lawns will be as unthinkable as throwing raw sewage on them.

Corporations, electric power generators, and politicians will compete to prove their green credentials.

Children’s books about environmental heroes like John Muir, Lois Gibbs and Rachael Carson will be as common as those about sports heroes.

Learning the 3-Rs will as likely mean Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as Reading, ‘Righting and ‘Rithmatic.

Shoppers will shun excess packaging the way they do saturated fat.

Recycling will be as patriotic as standing for the National Anthem.

The coolest clothing brands will be those made of organic natural fibers.

All grocery stores will have bus stops and give bus ride credits instead of double coupons.

Prices on all things will more accurately reflect their true cost.

People will understand the need to stabilize population is not in contradiction to religious moral values.

Environmental stewardship will be considered an essential element of the golden rule.

Communities wil be as proud of their public transportation systems and recycling centers as they are of their industry and cultural resources.

Every child knows that food is stored sunshine produced by photosynthesis.

The term environmentalist will becomes unnecessary because it refers to everybody.

Do you have anything to add to this list? dan@OneWithTheEarth.org

Sustainability: A sustainable society is one that satisfies its own needs without diminishing the prospects for future generations.